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Hi my picture was aired on abc family. I’m the one with the tail😎


I used this as an excuse to be my painfully girly self~


Disney royals + Ever after high descendants


A Mad Family Reunion - Echoing Artemis

To celebrate the original Maddie post topping 1K notes (hush that’s a lot for me) & the launch of the new parade, have some photos I’ve been hoarding! For a few more try my facebook.

A nerve-wracking experience but a whole lot of fun. Sorry to swing by unannounced, Dad, but thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness.

Thanks as well to lunalalonde and hideyomochimo for coming along, providing moral support and taking photos. ILU guys <3

I made this edit. Lol.



Just two more pages from Ever After High Annual 2015 preview.

Maddie :D

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I love my job💕

From the Clarence episode “Rise and Shine”